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Below are some of the vehicles that I've verified so far and there may be others that I will also post as time permits. All photographs were taken by Richard Nichols and are copyrighted © under federal and international copyright laws. They are posted here only with permission of the vehicle owner and may be used only with express written permission of the vehicle owner and copyright holder.

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Photo of 2000 GMC Sierra Pickup
2000 GMC Sierra Pickup

This 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 pickup is now in San Jose at a truck parts salvage yard and due to be scrapped. With a clean Georgia title, it required a California title to be able to do so so a verification was needed.
Photo of 1959 Chevrolet El Camino
1959 Chevrolet El Camino

Very rough but mostly complete 1959 Chevrolet El Camino was being sold so needed paperwork that required a verification of the VIN. Access to it was limited but manageable.
Photo of 2017 KJE Tiny Homes
2017 KJE Tiny Homes

This new and nicely built 2017 KJE Tiny Homes built on a Tru-Trailers Inc flatbed utility trailer, both of Fresno, CA, was verified for the new owners and residents in rural Salinas.
Photo of 2015 Freightliner Recycling Trucks (Three)
2015 Freightliner Recycling Trucks (Three)

These three new Freightliner trucks were just purchased by a San Jose recycling company to add to their already large fleet and put into immediate service with a temporary permit but needed to be verified in order to finalize their registration. Originally all three were to be done together but unfortunately two were out and in use so it required two trips to their site to do all of them but it was only a short distance so it worked out.
Photo of 2018 RAM 5500 Tank Trucks
2018 RAM 5500 Tank Trucks

Two identical 2018 RAM 5500s with tanker conversions were verified at the owner's San Jose location. Due to the proprietary nature of the tanker conversion, only the taillights are being shown here. A similar 2011 Dodge RAM 3500 tanker conversion was also verified in order to increase its official weight capacity.
Photo of 2008 T@DA Trailer
2008 T@DA Trailer

This 2008 T@DA trailer with the interesting name was purchased out of state and now resides in Santa Cruz. It was built in Indiana by Dutchmen Manufacturing.
Photo of 1965 Imperial LeBaron
1965 Imperial LeBaron

This vehicle, a 1965 Imperial LeBaron, had a California title in the current owner's name but was last registered several decades ago so had fallen from the DMV's database. The only way to regain non-op (non-operational) status was to verify it and, as it is currently inside a restoration shop in another state, some travel was needed to do the verification.
Photo of 1982 Airstream Funeral Coach
1982 Airstream Funeral Coach

This 1982 Chev Airstream Funeral Coach from out of state was verified for its new Bonny Doon (Santa Cruz) owners. A fascinating vehicle with seating for 13 passengers, has a refrigerated compartment for the casket to be placed crosswise behind them, and a refrigerated flower compartment at the rear.
Photo of 2016 Toyota 4-Runner
2016 Toyota 4-Runner

After relocating from another state, this 2016 Toyota 4-Runner needed to be verified in order for the Sunnyvale owners to be able to register it in California.
Photo of 1957 Continental Mark II
1957 Continental Mark II

This rare 1957 Continental Mark II, a separate make for 1956 and 1957, which originally cost as much as a Rolls-Royce or two Cadillacs, was recently purchased from the original family and is currently in Boulder Creek but is on its way to Sweden once a California title is obtained as the original title had a typo in the VIN. Otherwise it would have been on its way by now.
Photo of 2018 Titan Cub Tiny Home
2018 Titan Cub Tiny Home

This 2018 Titan Cub is a very tiny Tiny Home that needed to be verified in Santa Cruz. Perfectly suited as a break room for a construction site or perhaps a mobile beauty parlor, it is currently for sale. As seems typical with many tiny homes, this one wasn't properly stamped with the VIN so that needed to be done prior to the verification.
Photo of 2014 Airstream Classic
2014 Airstream Classic

Virtually new 2014 Airstream Classic 30' bought out of state and now in a very mountainous area in the town of Boulder Creek.
Photo of 1963 Volkswagen Bus
1963 Volkswagen Bus

Nice Volkswagen bus in Campbell was recently acquired from out of state by the new owner so needed to be verified. In this case, the VIN plate was found in the rear engine compartment on the firewall between the engine and the passenger compartment.
Photo of 1964 Ford Galaxie 500LX
1964 Ford Galaxie 500LX

This 1964 Ford Galaxie 500LX convertible was verified at the San Jose owner's home and beside it in the driveway was his 1966 Plymouth Satellite 428 Hemi that we verified several years ago at his Mountain View shop.
Photo of 1982 Toyota RV
1982 Toyota RV

This 1982 Toyota RV in Boulder Creek was purchased some years ago but never transferred or registered. It was simply driven home and parked so now needs much work to get it running and even more to make it usable but the owner is trying to do so.
Photo of 2017 Ford F150 Raptor
2017 Ford F150 Raptor

This custom wrapped flat-black 2017 Ford F150 Raptor in Santa Cruz was recently purchased from a Texas dealer but, as is typical of Texas dealers, they did not supply the proper supporting documentation. Still, I verified it with the supporting document section checked as None which is all I can do in these situations.
Photo of 1971 Honda AN600
1971 Honda AN600

The really cute and very tiny Honda AN600 was the very first Honda to be imported to the US and this 1971 version in Mountain View was recently purchased in California with a clean Florida title so a verification was needed.
Photo of 2007 Keystone Everest 5th-Wheel
2007 Keystone Everest 5th-Wheel

This 2007 Keystone Everest 5th-Wheel trailer was verified in distant and very rural Lockwood which is about a 2½ hour drive south from my closest location. The VIN plate had been painted over and, being black on black, difficult to find but was ultimately readable.
Photo of 1999 Toyota Corolla Sedan
1999 Toyota Corolla Sedan

This low mileage 1999 Toyota Corolla from Canada was just given to a new owner in Sunnyvale although it does not have California emissions labels or US Federal Certification (FMVSS) labels so might be problematic in registering it here.
Photo of 2008 BMW Z4M Roadster
2008 BMW Z4M Roadster

This virtually new low mileage 2008 BMW Z4M was just purchased from out of state and happened to be at a Los Altos shop for its emissions test where we were performing another verification so we verified it too while there.