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Below are some of the vehicles that I've verified so far and there may be others that I will also post as time permits. All photographs were taken by Richard Nichols and are copyrighted © under federal and international copyright laws. They are posted here only with permission of the vehicle owner and may be used only with express written permission of the vehicle owner and copyright holder.

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Photo of 1973 Ford F100 Pickup
1973 Ford F100 Pickup

This 1973 Ford F100 in Campbell was a bit more disassembled than is preferred for a verification as it was being pieced together from several vehicles. With a little additional research, I managed to do the verification.
Photo of 2017 KJE Tiny Homes
2017 KJE Tiny Homes

This new and nicely built 2017 KJE Tiny Homes built on a Tru-Trailers Inc flatbed utility trailer, both of Fresno, CA, was verified for the new owners and residents in rural Salinas.
Photo of 2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid
2017 Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid

This 2017 Porsche Cayenne S Plug-in E-Hybrid SUV was verified for the owner in Los Altos who is relocating from Arizona.
Photo of 2018 Escape Vista Travel Trailer
2018 Escape Vista Travel Trailer

Beautiful matched pair of 2018 Escape Vista Travel Trailers in Boulder Creek awaiting the preparation of their new location on a nearby property where they will server is a guest compound.
Photo of 1970 Corvette Convertible
1970 Corvette Convertible

This beautiful Corvette convertible with removable hardtop recently arrived from Delaware so, of course, needed to be verified in order for the new owner to get a California title.
Photo of 1982 Airstream Funeral Coach
1982 Airstream Funeral Coach

This 1982 Chev Airstream Funeral Coach from out of state was verified for its new Bonny Doon (Santa Cruz) owners. A fascinating vehicle with seating for 13 passengers, has a refrigerated compartment for the casket to be placed crosswise behind them, and a refrigerated flower compartment at the rear.
Photo of 2000 Toyota MR2
2000 Toyota MR2

Collectible rear-engine Toyota in San Jose was just purchased from out of state.
Photo of 1947 Dodge Flatbed Truck
1947 Dodge Flatbed Truck

This 1947 Dodge Flatbed Truck hasn't been run in over 30 years and was recently purchased and moved to Vacaville.
Photo of 2016 BMW Plug-in Hybrid
2016 BMW Plug-in Hybrid

This very unusual 2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e plug-in hybrid from Virginia was just brought to Sunnyvale by the new owners and verified at my San Jose location.
Photo of 2016 Ford F-550
2016 Ford F-550

This new Ford F-550 truck had to be verified in order to register it.
Photo of 1994 Bluebird Motorhome Conversion
1994 Bluebird Motorhome Conversion

Very spacious 38' 1994 Bluebird motorhome conversion was just purchased by its new Watsonville owners. They went immediately to the DMV and had their license plates even before we got back to our Santa Cruz location!
Photo of 1967 Corvette Convertible
1967 Corvette Convertible

Not driven for some years and transferred to the new owner by his daughter who owned it for several decades, needed verification to put it back into the DMV's database and to register it.
Photo of 2011 Freightliner Daycab
2011 Freightliner Daycab

High mileage Freightliner from Texas used originally for interstate work recently purchased by a local San Jose company that specializes in re-purposing such vehicles, presumably for use in their recycle business.
Photo of 2012 Peterbilt Dump Truck
2012 Peterbilt Dump Truck

This 2012 Peterbilt Dump Truck from an out of state dealer of used vehicles was delivered to the new Soquel commercial trucking company where we verified it.
Photo of 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum
2017 Ford Fusion Platinum

This new 2017 Ford Fusion Platinum was just purchased through a Texas dealer and delivered to the owner in San Jose where he brought it to me for the verification.
Photo of 2008 T@DA Trailer
2008 T@DA Trailer

This 2008 T@DA trailer with the interesting name was purchased out of state and now resides in Santa Cruz. It was built in Indiana by Dutchmen Manufacturing.
Photo of 1951 Volkswagen Beetle
1951 Volkswagen Beetle

Very rare split-window 1951 Volkswagen Beetle in Santa Clara is about to be restored by its owner. Very few of these base model cars exist and even fewer in the U.S., this one having come from Europe where it was originally sold when new. Originally grey, then painted blue (possibly for police use in Germany), then beige.
Photo of 1969 Corvette T-Top
1969 Corvette T-Top

Corvette T-top ripe for restoration had been parked for decades, falling out of the DMV database in the process which prompted the need for the verification.
Photo of 2008 Ford Expedition
2008 Ford Expedition

At the last minute just hours from a DMV appointment, the Santa Cruz owner of this 2008 Ford Expedition discovered that his three Massachusetts vehicles needed to be verified before they could be registered so I was able to do it even though I was at my San Jose location that day, billing for the extra mileage.
Photo of 2018 NJF Mfg Fuel Pro 950S Trailers (2)
2018 NJF Mfg Fuel Pro 950S Trailers (2)

Two 2018 NJF trailers with tanker conversions were verified at the owner's San Jose location. Due to the proprietary nature of the tanker conversion, only the wheel is being shown here.