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Locations Served

NOTE: Due to the on-going pandemic, vehicles must be outside and away from buildings and other cars which needs to be done anyway in order to properly do the verification. Also, all present MUST be wearing masks. These things are not optional.

To get into the queue, you MUST fill the Quote Request form.

Mobile verification (your location):

As a licensed and bonded mobile VIN verifier, I come to you so no hassle of long DMV or CHP waits. For example, if you have a vintage vehicle that you would prefer not to expose to the perils of traffic,if you have a non-running vehicle that you are about to restore and do not want the expense and hassle of renting a trailer to get it verified or if you're simply very busy, I can do the verification at the vehicle's location.

Local verification (my location):

Unfortunately I recently moved to Sunnyvale and can no longer perform local verifications at my address there but am still able to do so at my Santa Cruz location.

Locations include:

Santa Clara County & Bay Area: I am located in Sunnyvale, California and primarily serve Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County and surrounding cities, counties and communities but will also travel outside the area or even outside the state in some circumstances.

Santa Cruz & Monterey Counties: Although the schedule varies, I am generally in Santa Cruz several days each week, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays (and occasionally Wednesdays), and if your verification need coincides with one of my scheduled times there, the mileage would be from my Santa Cruz location, which is in the Seaview neighborhood.

Central Oregon: I am also in the high desert of Central Oregon several times each year (Terrebonne, Redmond and Bend) for a couple weeks at a time so if you have a vehicle in those areas or surrounding communities that needs to be verified for the California DMV before bringing it into the state, and it can be done to coincide with one of my visits, there will be a substantial discount. In other words, it will be treated as local with any mileage from my location there. The next visit date in Terrebonne, OR is from August 23 to September 8, 2021.

Other Areas: I am occasionally in other areas and states either for business or pleasure. If you have a vehicle there that needs to be verified and it can be done to coincide with one of my planned visits, it will save considerable travel time and expense. No future dates to other locations have been scheduled yet but be sure to check back soon!