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I am Don Pierson, a native Californian, born in the San Francisco Bay Area. Between the first and second grades, my family moved to Sacramento where I grew up, then to Rancho Cordova which is outside Sacramento. Finally in the mid-'60s we moved to Bellevue, Washington and lived just a stone's throw from where Microsoft is now located, then back to the Bay Area in San José in the early '70s. By that time I was 20 years old and already owned several Packards and the first car I bought in the San José area a day after arriving was a 1965 Imperial LeBaron which I still own.

Through the years I've owned many Packards including four or five of the huge Henney-Packard hearses, four mid-'60s Imperials including a one-of-10 1964 Ghia-Imperial limousine and four 1965 Cadillacs. I still have four of the Packards including a Henney-Packard, the 1965 Imperial and a 1965 Cadillac Fleetwood Sixty Special along with a newer collectible 1985 Plymouth Voyager with the ultra rare Magic Camper option.

Having owned vintage cars since I was a teenager, I learned early the need for mobile verification and, had licensed third-party mobile verifiers been available then, it would have saved me much time, effort and, yes, even grief. Recently I once again came across a verification problem that was rather daunting and expensive to solve so I decided to become a verifier myself and offer my services to others who might be in the same predicament.